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Gifts For Humans Who Love Dogs More Than People

Updated: May 19, 2021

We've compiled the best gifts for dog lovers that will paws-itively make them howl with delight. And their pups will be wagging their tails too! Wow your favourite pet person with one of these creative and unique gifts. Or you might not be able to resist keeping it for yourself!

We only recommend our most favorite products that we would use ourselves and with our precious pooches and that have the highest reviews from other pup-parents. We sometimes earn a small commission (at no cost to you) when you click through the Amazon Affiliate links on our website.

Dog Mom shirt

Comfy, sweet and practical. She’ll be wearing this Dog Mom shirt even without puppy around with her.

Whistle Go Health & Location Tracker

The Whistle Go Health & Location Tracker will offer peace of mind to any dog lover. Using GPS, it offers real-time location updates any time your dog is out of range of your home WiFi, along with insights into behaviors like licking, itching, drinking, and even your pup's sleep schedule. It also keeps tabs on the pup's activity, so he can stay in tip-top shape!

Wooden Dog Leash Hook

This rustic-feel Wooden Dog Leash Hook has all the looks to display right at your front door. It’s a farmhouse style gift to hang your pup's leash for quick and easy access.

I’ll Be Watching You” Dish Towel

Ever get that feeling that somebody is watching you? Every dog owner knows. This quality, cotton dish towel will be a conversation starter and is just the right gift for your dog loving friend (or yourself).

“The Dog Is On My Lap” Novelty Socks

A gift that’s hilarious, cute and practical will be a perfect choice for the dog lovers in your life. These novelty socks are made out of quality cotton and they come pre-packed in a fun gift box too.

Customized Dog Socks

Let's keep the novelty sock gift going. This is such a fun idea that won’t break the bank. You can choose any picture of your pup (if you can pick just one) and create a pair of Customized Dog Socks that will knock their old, boring socks right off.

Matching Dog Collar & Owner Friendship Bracelet

This coordinating dog collar and friendship bracelet set (for humans) is a sweet, stylish gift. Not only will your friend's pooch look glamorous in this cute collar, but your friend will too! There’s a variety of patterns, colors and designs to choose from. Surprise him or her with a truly one-of-a-kind gift they can share with their favorite pooch.

Pizza Pie/Pizza Slice Matching Dog Shirt & Owner T-Shirt

Since we’re in the matchy-matchy zone, let’s keep it going. This is the perfect compliment for all dog lovers! They’ll be starting up conversations wherever they go with this adorable Pizza Pie/Pizza Slice t-shirt combination.

Burrito and Taquito Matching Dog and Owner shirts

We can’t get enough of these matching shirts! First off, who doesn’t love burritos? This adorable Burrito and Taquito Matching Shirts are so perfect. They’ll be the “taco” of the town!

Dog Carrier Pouch Sweatshirt

This super-comfy Dog Carrier Sweatshirt has a giant pocket for devoted dog folks who want to carry their pup wherever they go. Best for your friends with smaller dogs.

Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat

What a cute way to welcome guests! The Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat comes in neutral colors that will go well with any decor and you can put them inside or outside. It’s a very durable, easy to clean and most importantly, fun mat that any dog lover will love.

Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pets

We love that each Aromatherapy Soy Candle is made specifically for people with pets. Each candle is crafted with 100% natural, dye-free soy wax and contain absolutely no paraffin/petroleum by-products, phthalates or parabens so it’s a safe way to eliminate pet odor. Made in the USA.

Furbo Dog Camera

The ultimate gift, the Furbo allows will allow your friend to check up on their dog via video, speak to them with two-way audio, and even give them a treat—all from their phone. Who doesn’t want to find out the secret life of their dog?

Dog Mom Criss Cross Baseball Hat

Finally, a hat you can wear a high pony or messy bun. The Dog Mom Criss Cross baseball cap has elastic bands at the back that allow you to wear your hair up or down.

Pet Peek Fence Window

Dogs are naturally curious; they want to know what's happening out there. The Pet Peek Fence Window is a unique gift that makes it look like your dog is peering out of a ship’s porthole plus it actually serves a practical purpose. It allows your pups to see more of the world around them which can reduce stress and anxiety and can also prevent them from barking at the fence. Talk about a practical gift!

All You All You Need is Love and A Dog Coasters

This is a sturdy set of All You Need Is Love and a Dog coasters comes in a pack of four that are made of durable stoneware that will show off their one true love: dogs.

Pooch Selfie Stick

The perfect gift for your selfie-loving and doggie-loving friends. The Pooch Selfie Stick will help you get the perfect pic without the struggle. A spring loaded clip holds a favourite toy or treat to get your pup engaged to look directly at the camera lens. Comes with a squeaky tennis ball.

That concludes our list of awesome gifts for dog lovers and their furry pals. Do you have any great dog gift ideas you want to recommend? Share them in the comments!

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