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The Most Fun Pup-Friendly Adventures for this Summer!

It’s starting to heat up outside, which means that summertime fun is just waiting for us to take advantage of school vacation and great weather!

But wait — your pup is looking up at you with big, sad eyes, worried that she’s going to be left behind while you’re out gallivanting and getting a suntan.

Of course, some summertime activities aren’t ideal for pets, and it’s important to make sure that your dog doesn’t get overheated or left in an enclosed space in the heat. And you’ll want to make sure that you have all the equipment your pup will need while you’re out and about, including a water dish and a collar and leash.

But if you and your dog are ready to go, there are plenty of summer adventures to be had!


A great hike seems like it was made for dogs rather than humans — after all, it’s easier to do all that strenuous walking when you have four legs instead of just two, right?

Going for a day or even a weekend hike with your pup is a great way to kick the summer season off with some time in the great outdoors. But we definitely advise checking ahead for the pet-friendliness of the hike. If it involves super-steep rock-climbing and even rappelling, make sure that you have the equipment you need to get both of you back home safely.

A Day at the Dog-Friendly Beach

There’s nothing quite like going to the beach on a sunny summer day! And my dog always loved it. She was a little intimidated by the waves, but she would still get her paws wet, and racing around on the sand like a loon was definitely a favorite summertime activity.

Not all beaches are dog-friendly, so it’s a good idea to look that up before you head out. And remember that there are likely to be other people on the beach, as well as kids. Keep your dog’s leash with you at all times, and check the regulations about whether she needs to be on the leash throughout the visit.

Make sure to keep a close eye on her if she decides to venture into the water. Playing in the surf is fun for dogs and humans, but be aware of the potential for riptides. And take lots of water along so she won’t be tempted to drink the saltwater.


All sorts of water adventures seem tailor-made for hot summer days, and kayaking is a fun way to get your exercise in while staying cool on the lake. Many kayaks are built to allow for a small-to-medium sized dog to travel along with the kayaker.

Make sure to take safety precautions, such as providing your dog with a doggie life vest!

Road Trips

When I was a kid, summer vacation was the time for road trips. And road trips, for dogs, are the time to stick their head out the window and feel the wind on their face and in their flapping ears.

Road trips are especially enjoyable with dogs when you have a pup who is used to the motion of a car, and who associates the car with positive things — rather than negative, like going to the vet.

As you pick out your destination, make sure that there are restaurants or stores that are pet-friendly so your dog won’t have to stay in the hot car at any point.


In the mountains, by the lake, next to the ocean — there are plenty of gorgeous camping spots out there, making it difficult to choose just one! If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to go camping more than once per season.

And your dog will be pleased as punch to go with you, every single time!


Geocaching has caught on pretty big over the last several years, with more than 3 million geocaches hidden worldwide! It’s a lot like finding buried treasure — a container hidden in a secret spot, with a notebook for each new person who finds it to leave something behind for the next.

As you search for caches nearby your home or along your summertime travels, your dog will definitely enjoy the thrill of the hunt — and just the sheer joy of running around outside with her favorite human.

Dog-Friendly Amusement Parks

Did you know that there are at least eight dog-friendly amusement parks out there? The most well-known is probably Knoebels Amusement Resort, in Pennsylvania, where dogs can accompany their owners around the large park and even hop on a handful of dog-friendly rides! Not only that, but Knoebels is the biggest free-admission park in the United States.

For a list of travel essentials to pack for your pup, click here.

There are plenty of adventures that you and your dog can share this summer. What are you planning for your own furry best friend?

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